Winter Blooms

Several years ago, we created a sheltered area on the back porch, to over-winter some of the outdoor plants that are temperature sensitive.  For a couple weeks now some of the succulents have been blooming.  It’s aways a surprise to walk out the back door, and see blooms.  Succulents are my plants of choice.  I think they’re interesting, they suit our climate, and they don’t require a lot of care.  The mistake that most people make with is overwatering them.  They like to be ignored, especially in cool weather.  I water maybe once every 2 weeks.

This is a small cactus, right now, and although it looks like it has spines, they do not stick your finger, when you touch it.

Winter Bloom 2

Most of you will recognize this plant.  It’s a Christmas cactus.  I started some from small single cuttings, and they are just now starting to bloom.  There’s an aloe and the arm of another cactus, in the background.

Winter Bloom 1