Wild Mushrooms

Wed. morning I started the day by digging cactus out of the pasture.   I was doing pretty well, but then I got sidetracked by little white looking balls I was seeing everywhere.  After it rains, I used to hunt for these, but I had forgotten all about them.  They are gem studded puffball mushrooms, and they are delicious.  So for the next couple of hours, I gathered mushrooms.  The key to puffball mushrooms is you have to cut each one in half after you clean it.  It should be solid white and firm.  If it looks like there are other things forming inside the mushroom, throw it away.  Click here, for a few pictures of gem studded pasture mushrooms from the internet.

As with all mushrooms, for a quick side dish.  Saute them quickly in hot butter / oil.  Stir only a little, allow them to caramelize.  Add thyme and pepper, but don’t add salt until you’re ready to take them out of the pan.