Wild Mushrooms and Greenhouse News

It’s a perfect time to find puffball mushrooms, and it’s a great addition to our asparagus and artichoke crop.  With the ground damp, and the weather still decent, I should be able to find a fair number in the yard this spring.  The field used to be perfect for hunting them, but its been plowed and sprigged, so hopefully the mycelium layer will spread to other areas.

On another front, there are a few flying insects plaguing the greenhouse.  Don hung some sticky fly traps, and we’ve had great success with them.  White moths and worms have been the worst offenders.  Although, I recently found a large gray worm that was living in the center of one of the chard plants, and had done significant damage.  I swear I get indescribable pleasure from chopping up all the destructive large pests, like tomato hookworms.

Our 2 year kale crop, in the greenhouse, is just about over.  I hope the next planting does as well.  I’ll try starting the seeds as soon as I pull the lettuce, to rotate crops, a little.