What’s in That Sports Drink?

Yet another dicey substance, BVO,  is hiding in commonly purchased soft drinks and sports drinks.  Brominated Vegetable Oil, BVO, is a chemical substance, used as a flame retardant, that has crept into widely used drinks, as a food additive.  It’s use is prohibited in Europe, Japan, and India.  If you need to replenish electrolytes, there are natural and safe products that can be purchased at Natural Grocers, Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc.

I want to revisit BPA, one more time, because we’re exposed to it so much, and it can cause hormonal disruptions.  It’s in a lot of plastics, and the lining of cans, but another item that we’re all exposed to are receipts.  Yes that’s right a grocery receipt, a credit card receipt, anything that uses thermal paper.