What Isn’t It Good For?


I’m talking about coconut and coconut oil, of course.  A recent article in the Natural Grocer Newsletter, reminded me that there’s no end to the beneficial effects.  It can help you fight infection and disease and heal,  improve metabolism and energy, and even promote weight loss.  There’s no side effects to worry about, and really no downside.  OK, there are some of you thinking, “But I don’t like coconut.”  And here’s what I say to that, “Get over it.”  I’m not talking about shredded coconut that has kind of a weird and dry texture, but rather, smooth and luscious (unsweetened) coconut milk, and extra virgin coconut oil, and of course, the whole fruit.  There are literally hundreds of ways to incorporate them into your diet.  For me, some of the big pluses for coconut are that it’s been a food source for centuries, and the populations that have it as a staple, enjoy great health (the human trials are excellent!).  I can only imagine how stunned those populations must have been when coconut was demonized, and practically banished from the American diet.

There’s no doubt that we’ve crossed the line into believing “food” is only something we eat because it gives us sensual pleasure, thanks to all those food manufacturers out there that only have our best interests at heart.  Food is on the front line of making or breaking our health.  You don’t have to be good in math to figure out, if the food we eat has little or no nutrient value, the cells can’t make it into something it’s not.  And they can’t possibly use it to repair, regenerate, create energy, or keep the immune system in working order.

Some of the ways to use coconut milk include adding it to fruit smoothies, as part of the broth in some soups, with oatmeal, in dips or dressings, or to poach fish or chicken.  The list of how to use coconut oil is just too long, but in general, anytime you reach for oil, you can use coconut oil.  It’s great to refrigerate it (so it’s in solid form), and use it to make crust for sweet or savory pies.  I even use it instead of butter, on toast.  And instead of buying expensive body creams, I use coconut oil (my other go to oil for body care is extra virgin olive oil).

For the entire article “The Value of Coconut and Coconut Oil” in the Natural Grocer newsletter, click here.