Wednesday Lunch at TSTC

I finally made it to one of the gourmet lunches at the Culinary Arts Center at TSTC.  The Taste of Mexico menu was just too tempting, and Izzy and I were making our first spring trip to Organic Plus Nursery.  So, we added lunch to our schedule.  And lunch was good, but not drop-dead delicious (however, there was nothing left on our plates).  The dining experience was fabulous, and when I’m in Waco on a Wed. or Fri., it could happen again!  If you’re with less than 6 people, reservations are not accepted, so get there at 11am, if you want to be seated.  The dining room was completely full on Wed, and Friday, completely reserved.

I had the Chile Relleno dinner, and Izzy had the crab salad.  Because, everyone is served at one time, I wouldn’t necessarily choose anything like a relleno again – they don’t hold well.  Nevertheless, it was still good, and stuffed full of shredded pork.  We both had a delicious grilled cactus salad to start.  I’ll do my version, as soon as I have new pads on my cactus this spring, and post a recipe.

Chile Relleno
Chile Relleno with Mexican Gnocchi
Crab Salad
Crab Salad with Fried Potatoes