Up Your D

I’m running behind, and have nothing ready to post on Super Bowl snacks, but you can always go to Recipes, and check out the Appetizer section.  As soon as I get pictures of the Buffalo Chicken Appetizers I’m making, I’ll post it!  Meantime, I’ve been trying to get the info on Vitamin D posted, because we’re in the middle of the “I hope I don’t catch it” season.

This is the time of year to really pay attention to your Vitamin D intake.  Since we’re not spending as much time in the sun, our bodies aren’t producing it.  Along that same line, people who are normally inside a lot of the time, like the elderly, typically have lower levels of D.  But even if you get out in the sun, if you always have sunscreen on, you have blocked your skin from producing that vitamin for you.

Why is Vitamin D even important?  It helps keep your immune system healthy, not just from disease, but from allergies.  There are food sources of naturally occurring vitamin D, but typically you can’t eat enough of them to get the levels you need, unless you’ve developed a craving for herring.  And there are also foods fortified with D, like milk and orange juice.  For more information on vitamin D, and what foods contain it, click here.