Trip to Schulenburg

We went to a wedding in Schulenburg this weekend, at a very interesting painted church, St. Mary’s.  In fact, that area is known for painted churches, but as usual, everything is about food for me.  Unlike the bride and groom, my focus was on raw milk, because Schulenburg is home to Stryk Jersey Farm.  In addition to raw milk products, they make award winning cheese.  I was determined to make it there, but there was no time, even though I was willing to pick my husband up from the church, after the service.

On the way to Schulenburg, we stopped at a little restaurant in Lexington, TX, Granny’s.  It has a deceiving name, because they make great Mexican food, burgers, and catfish.  And not that you might ever find yourself in Lexington, or even dream of making a special trip there, but if you end up there, stop at that restaurant.  I had shrimp enchiladas with green sauce, charro beans, rice, and pico.  The enchiladas were packed with shrimp, and normally I don’t touch the rice, but theirs was delicious.  Don had an amazing burger and homemade onion rings.  There wasn’t a crumb left on his plate.