Sort of a trifle with tiramisu influence, and I thought trimisu sounded so much better than tirafle! It’s my way of using cake that isn’t getting eaten. Don’t ask me how we ended up with a chunk of cake that none of these sweetaholics didn’t finish. My forte is remaking leftovers, and cake is no exception.

The formula is so simple.  Just piece-up the cake and make cream of some sort. What you use for cream is pretty wide open. It could be whipped cream, pudding, mascarpone (maybe mixed with Nutella) – you get the picture. Any other additions are up to your taste and imagination, but you’ll end up loving your remake, more than the original cake you started with.

Here’s what I did:

1) Chunk of marble bundt cake cut up in small pieces.

2) Half the cream recipe from Decadent Banana Pudding, but without crushed bananas, and with the addition of pieced up chocolate (or chocolate chips). Add it when you turn off the heat after the cream has thickened, and stir in the chocolate until it melts. Make it as chocolaty as you like.

3) 1/4 – 1/2 cup espresso or strong coffee, mixed with Kahlua. This is a favorite mixture of ours, but you could use straight liqueur, or a mocha mixture, etc. This particular step will help you use a cake that may have turned out a little dry.

I placed a layer of cake pieces in the bottom of a bowl, then lightly drizzled it with the espresso mixture.  (I forgot to write this in originally – I had some good strawberry jam that I dotted over the cake layer.)  Next a layer of pudding over the cake pieces. Continue layering, ending with pudding / cream. Then I shaved chocolate over the whole thing. How could you not make this? It’s just scrumptious.


  1. Christy says:

    What? No picture? 🙂 Sounds delicious!

    1. Lanie Fioretti says:

      Sometimes these guys beat me to it! I need to teach them to take pictures, before it’s devoured.

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