Tomato Update

The tomatoes in the large garden I started from seed.  I wanted to try some new varieties this year, that might be more productive in our climate.  Plainsman are the only heirloom Texas tomato I could find.  They have medium size tomatoes, some round, some more Roma shaped, but all very delicious.  Then there are Green Grape and Mexican Midget tomatoes.  The Mexican Midget are good, and very much like Sweet 100s.  The Green Grape are scrumptious, and my only regret is that they are not more productive.

Green Grape Tomato
Green Grape Tomatoes
Juliet Tomato
Juliet Tomatoes

Additionally, I bought a couple tomato plants, and planted them among the herbs, in the back beds.  The Juliet tomatoes are a large teardrop shape, very yummy, and very productive.  They will have a home in our gardens every year.  The other tomato plant is a Phoenix, and so far a bit disappointing.

A friend gave me some Jasper tomatoes, which is an heirloom variety.  I dried the seeds from one of the tomatoes, and I’m seeing if I can start some plants for fall.  The tomatoes are small and gorgeous striped color.  They are a bit dry, and not luscious tasting, but great roasted.  They remind me of Roma tomatoes a little.