To Cedar Plank or Not To Cedar Plank

You could not have convinced me, before today, that cedar planking really made a significant difference in the taste of the food cooked on it.  I got a large fillet of salmon and made the Herb Salmon recipe, with half the fillet on the cedar plank, and half just on a baking sheet.  I cooked both for 20 min. in a 375 oven (it was medium in the middle of the fillet).  The fillet piece on the cedar plank was not just a little better, but significantly better.

I’ve had a few different types of cedar planks, but none like the one my brother just gave me.  He got it a Sur La Table and it’s thick.  It only needs to be oiled before use (not soaked in water).

We haven’t tried anything but salmon yet, but we’re making plans.