This Little Piggy

Let’s talk pork products for a minute.  On Wednesday, I went to one of my favorite destinations for pork, Pederson’s.  And lucky for me, they’re in Hamilton, TX.  If you don’t live near Hamilton, you can find their products at Whole Foods, Central Market, and Sprouts.  Call them to find out where else they sell.  I picked up a half ham, sausage, and bacon.  This time I decided to try their beef bacon also.  They are a bit more expensive, but they also have meat that has no antibiotics, hormones, or preservatives, and is not cured.

For lunch we went to Wenzel and had stuffed potatoes.  It’s a meat market, and I always bring home jalapeno, garlic bologna that’s made in-house.  It’s definitely an infrequent and special treat.  I’ve never asked to read the ingredient list, because I’m afraid it might end my love affair with this product!


Last week I couldn’t resist another lunch at Wildfire, because it was on the way to IKEA afterall!  I figure it’ll take quite a few trips to work my way through the menu.  My latest picks were an appetizer of Flash Fired Port Isabel Shrimp Artichoke Hearts, and an entree of Port Isabel Hickory Smoked Baby Shrimp Enchiladas.  Luckily, I had two people to share the appetizer with me.  It’s not that I couldn’t have eaten it, but then I couldn’t have eaten much of the entree.