Talk Turkey (Leftovers That Is)

The ways to use leftover turkey are endless.  There’s turkey salad of course, and soup.  Try using your leftover turkey in these recipes also (just click on the links):

  • Fried Rice – instead of chicken, use turkey
  • Frittata – instead of pork and potatoes, use turkey, crumbled bacon, and a leftover vegetable like green beans
  • Quesadilla – instead of shrimp, use turkey and add some chopped onion and maybe crumbled bacon
  • Nutty Chicken Salad – use turkey, and add some chopped celery if you want a fresh vege taste
  • Enchiladas – use turkey instead of pork with beans, green onion instead of regular onion, and add chopped black olives
  • Croquettes – finely chop the turkey and mix with mashed potatoes or breadcrumbs (or both), chopped green onion, seasonings (i.e., onion powder, garlic powder, salt), a little mayonnaise, and an egg.  Form patties, coat the outside in panko breadcrumbs and fry in a little oil in a skillet.
  • If you had smoked turkey –  for soup, mix leftover meat with broth, diced potatoes, picante, and black beans.
  • For a simple pot pie, saute chopped onions and diced potatoes until cooked,  pour in leftover gravy or use a good cream soup (I have a Pacific brand I use), and add frozen peas and carrots.  Put in greased individual bowls and top with a piece of (defrosted) frozen puff pastry, then bake.

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  1. Dyna says:

    Great ideas! Love the croquette concept!

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