Spring Salads

When I went out to my garden this morning, I was amazed to see a lot of new arugula coming up.  If you’ve read the previous gardening posts, you know that I don’t plant arugula, and my garden has had the healthiest crop I’ve ever seen.  The unbelievable thing is that it lasts all year.  As soon as the older plants flower and drop seed, a whole new crop appears.

I’m going to be sorry to see the lettuce get bitter and go to seed.  This week it will get too hot for it.  There are still lots of spring veggies to put in salads.  The one in the picture has 3 different kinds of lettuce, sorrel, spinach, arugula, and nasturtium blooms.  If you have fresh herbs, add them too.  Lately I’ve added fresh oregano, dill, lemon balm, and basil.  And when I have peas and a couple asparagus spears, I add those raw.

If you’re wondering what nasturtium blooms taste like, they’re slightly peppery.

Spring Salad