Spring Harvest 2015

We’re pretty happy with our spring harvest, this year.  The red kale is amazing, asparagus needs to be cut once or twice a day, and swiss chard leaves are huge.  We’re saying goodbye to our lettuce, and probably the snap peas, in the greenhouse – too hot. I do have some greens planted outside and they are all doing well, so we’ll get a little harvest from that.  The butternut seeds that I accidentally composted in the greenhouse, all germinated, and I had lots of squash plants that I needed to relocate outside of the greenhouse (they take up too much space, and the bees need to pollinate the blossoms). The malabar spinach is coming back with a vengeance.  There are hundreds of seedlings coming up.

If you want to start a garden, and it seems like an overwhelming thing, plant things like asparagus in beds that you already have.  I have 4 small patches scattered around my beds.  Lots of the veggies I grow are not in a “garden” but next to my irises, Mexican sage, etc.  It’s a look that I’ve always liked, and makes sense for watering efficiently at our house.

Asparagus Spear 2
Asparagus Spears 1
Greenhouse 3
Butternut squash seedlings
Swiss Chard
Swiss Chard
Greenhouse 1
Red Kale

Greenhouse 2