Spring Harvest 2014

Garden Veggies

We’ve had to say goodbye to some of our veggies in the greenhouse, but we still have plenty of food to choose from.  The spinach and some of the Asian mustards have gone to seed.  The lettuce is starting to bolt, but it’s not bitter yet.  The carrots are just coming in.  There are Paris Market carrots (the roundish ones), and multicolor – both delicious.  The kale is still producing well.  The broccoli is not producing big heads, but I’ll take what I can get!  In the yard, the sugar snaps, pea pods, asparagus, and a few mustard greens are doing well.  The tomato plants look great, and have some small tomatoes started.

There is a problem with a LOT of very, very tiny grasshoppers on the carrot tops in the greenhouse.  It’s a problem I thought we’d avoid.  So, I’ve launched my attack.  I started with the bug zapper racket, then moved on to cayenne pepper, then diatomaceous earth, and finally Neem spray.  I’ve also put buckets of soapy water around, for the unfortunate that might fall in!  I’ll repeat the Neem spray in a week.  I’m still seeing just a few.