South Austin Day Trip

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Natural Gardner, so I thought a quick day trip around the south area of Austin would be fun.  It was 100° at 11 am, so it was our first stop.  Normally, I like to just walk around outside to see if there are new succulents, or other xeriscape plants that I have to have, but it was too hot.  I mainly went for seeds, because they have one of the best selections of heirloom and open pollinated that I’ve seen.  While I do order most of my seeds, there are companies I don’t typically order from, if I only need one or two types of seeds they carry (like the Italian squash seeds that we plant are from Renee’s Garden Seeds).  And it’s so much cheaper to drive to Austin, than pay the shipping charge!!  Don also found some mosquito spray concentrate that’s safe to use around people, plants, and pets, so of course, we had to get that.

The next stop was the Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Oak Hill.  It’s the first time I’ve been to that location.  We both decided to get chicken fried pork chops, so that wasn’t new to us.  But I’ll tell you a couple of things you’d enjoy about the location – they have an outdoor bar and a great view.  We sat inside by a huge picture window overlooking the creek.  There were fabulous trees and lots of birds, including herons, and that was the entertainment.  I have to say that the building itself was very appealing to me, because it’s retro, nicely done.

Then it was on to Costco.  I hadn’t been to the south location for a long time, and the added bonus was that Whole Foods had opened next door!