Seeds, Companion Planting, and Spring Harvest


Information from Seeds from Italy


Heat Resistant Lettuce

Many gardeners have problems with lettuce bolting early or tasting bitter. Research in West Virginia found that several Seeds from Italy lettuce varieties showed excellent heat tolerance.  Dr. Lewis Jett, the commercial horticulture specialist at West Virginia University, said that at his research station in central West Virginia, 37°N latitude, the temperature surpassed 100°F a few times.

Dr. Jett trialed 30 varieties of head lettuce. He chose Bibbs (which includes Butterhead, Boston, and Batavian types), Romaines, and one crisphead. He did not trial leaf lettuces. Among those that did best in the heat were Regina dei Ghiacci, Rossa di Trento, and Rouge Grenobloise. On his list of good choices for all seasons were Regina dei Ghiacci, Maravilla de Verano Canasta, and Radichetta Barba dei Frati, which he also praised for excellent flavor.

Seeds from Italy varieties that were NOT good in the heat were Parella Rosa, Passion Brune, and Quattro Stagioni.
You can read the entire results of his study and see lots of gorgeous lettuce photos here.

 tomato 2

Tomatoes all Year

An easy way to keep enjoying your tomato harvest through the winter, is to wash and dry ripe tomatoes, then put them whole into a freezer bag.  Remove all the air you can from the bag, and put them in the freezer.  When you’re ready to eat them, run them under warm water for a minute or two, and the peels slip off easily.  Remove the core, and slice them to use in your soup or sauce!



Asparagus Recipes from Fine Cooking

For your spring asparagus harvest, there are some great recipes from Fine Cooking, click here.


Companion Planting

Wikipedia has a really good companion planting guide.  It shows relationships of plants that benefit each other, help repel detrimental insects, and attract beneficial insects.  Click here for the list.