Rotisserie Pork Butt

We’ve been smoking meat lately, so we decided it was time to switch to rotisserie for a change.  Judging by the number of rotisserie chickens sold by grocery stores, most people think it’s a delicious way to prepare meat.   Our rotisserie happens to be on our grill, but there are some great portable versions.

Particularly with pork butt, whether we smoke it or use the rotisserie, it’s always finished covered in a 300 degree oven, until it falls apart.  This is where most people get nervous about overcooking.  Low and slow cooking, for a very long time, is the thing that makes it delicious.  We cooked a 10 lb chunk of pork, pretty much, all day.  Once it’s in the oven, as soon as I can pull the meat apart, I do, and add extra seasoning.  Then I put the cover back on, and continue cooking until really tender, falling apart.

Since this week is sriracha ranch week again, in our house, that’s what we had as a serving sauce!

You’d think I’d have pictures, and you’d be half right.  We took a picture of the raw chunk of meat, when we first put it on the rotisserie.  However, when we took it off, and we were so excited about how it looked, we forgot about the camera!