Root Vegetables

Root Vegetables

I just couldn’t resist showing you this.  It’s a 4 lb turnip from my neighbors garden.  I’ve still got a few normal turnips to cook, but it’s the end of their season.

In my garden where I planted all the root vegetables, I’ve noticed most of the baby tops have been nibbled off.   I planted more seeds in some of my beds around the house, and they seem to be coming up fine.  I’ll still manage to get a few kohlrabi, a couple rutabagas, and hopefully a few beets.

As for the greens, the red kale is still going strong and will until we get into summer.  The mustards, on the other hand,  have gone completely to seed, so I’m in the process of pulling them out.  I noticed bees around the blooms, and was really tempted to leave them, but I’ve done that once, and the harlequin bugs infested them.  That’s a problem that is awful to deal with.  I had to leave one bed dormant for a year because of them.

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  1. cherie says:

    Thanks so much for that link about harlequin bugs. My poor garden last year was over run with them and I didn’t know what they were.

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