Portland 2014

First, let me say I’m not controlling the blog reposting “Sunflower Cookies,” over and over again!  I’ve been in Portland, Oregon for the week, cooking for my niece and nephew (with new baby).

We’ve had some pretty good meals, and worth mentioning, because it helps me remember some of the great ways to use leftovers, and it may give you some ideas.  The first day, my nephew smoked a whole pork butt, and we had it with potatoes and salad. For the next few days, I was off to the races using leftover pork.  For dinner (supper), we had enchilada casserole.  For lunches, we had pork fried rice, and pork stuffed baked potatoes (with all the extras).  In between all the pork frenzy, we had baked chicken, Asian noodle salad, Asian chicken salad, fish tacos, risotto and langostinos, and smoked lamb shanks.  We’ve been eating well!

There were a few desserts, all gluten-free, and all surprisingly wonderful. We found a great molasses cookie recipe (with rum) that was amazing.  Then there was the giant apple pie turnover – really good.  I used a combination of sweet potato flour, coconut flour, and a product called “Cup for Cup” that works really well.  Obviously, it’s a gluten-free house, and a baking challenge for me!  I’ll be trying gluten-free biscuits in the morning, for biscuits and gravy.  I usually don’t eat biscuits, but I feel like I need to maintain the QC (quality control), and worry about my hips later!