Plan to Happiness

This is really a post about Dr. Andrew Weil’s new 4 week Plan to Happiness, but I wanted to share a picture with you too.  I took the dog for a walk in the park this last weekend, and when I pulled up and looked out the window, right across from the car was this juvenile red tail hawk.


I was fortunate enough to hear Dr Weil speak at a convention I attended a number of years ago.  He is now known as a “holistic health pioneer,” and to me is one of the most trusted holistic voices.  Most recently I read and article he did for Prevention magazine, and saw him on the Dr. Oz show Wed. talking about happiness (and his new book of course!).  In the 4 week plan he talks about processed foods and how they promote inflammation in the body.  He also said that they’ve now found a link between inflammation and depression.  To read some of the information from the Dr. Oz show, click here.