Pizza Quesadillas

Two of my favorite things, combined into one!  I’m always looking for good products to make into quick, individual pizzas.  The last time I was in Costco, I found some great organic tortillas that need to be cooked.  When they say “cooked” it’s a really fast process.  I really intended to try making pizzas with them, but then I thought of quesadillas – sort of a skinny, open-end stromboli.  What a delicious and fast way to make pizza.  I actually built them in the pan.  I had cheese, olives, pepperoni, and sauce ready to put on one half, then fold it over and brown it on both sides, in butter of course.

Pizza Quesadillas


  • Large flour tortillas
  • Butter or extra virgin olive oil
  • Pizza sauce of your choice - I use tomato bruschetta or pesto from a jar
  • Meat - pepperoni, cooked hamburger, sausage….
  • Cheese - mozzarella, monterey jack, parmesan…..
  • Other toppings - pepper, olive, onion, artichoke…..
  • Marinara for dipping


  1. Make sure tortillas are flexible - heat if needed. You can build these on a plate and transfer them, but I usually have all the ingredients ready to go and build them in the pan. If you build them in the pan, the tortilla gets flexible as you're putting the ingredients on.
  2. Heat large skillet or griddle. Melt a little butter on the surface or brush with oil.
  3. Lay tortilla in skillet, layer everything on half, fold the top of the tortilla over the filling, and press slightly to form the quesadilla. Brown on both sides (cheese should be melted).
  4. Make sure your pizza sauce is very thick, and spread on a little bit.
  5. Serve with heated marinara sauce, for dipping, if you want a little extra sauce.