Pecan Harvest Begins


It seems this year we’ll be harvesting one thing after another.  I’m not complaining (mostly!), but it’s like a second job.  One that I love, but still time consuming.  There’s something very gratifying about being able to produce a lot of food on our property.  Along with what my neighbors share, it’s a lot like a co-op.

Last year we were supposed to have a pecan crop, but the drought prevented them from forming.  This year we’re thrilled to have, what looks like, a bumper crop.  The last year that we harvested, we ended up with around 300 lbs (in the shell).  It’s not like we have a grove, but rather trees placed here and there by the previous land owners, and some are quite old.  The pecans are just starting to drop, so I’ll need to start checking a couple times a week.  Some are good, and of course, some are not at all.  Further into the season, the majority will be wonderful.  We have several varieties, some are paper shell, and some are like Stuart Pecans (high in oil).  So far, the first things on my list to make are pecan butter and fruitcake.  Really the fruitcake is a date, nut cake with candied cherries.  None of my family like fruitcake, so my mom came up with a recipe we all love, and I’ve only made one revision over the years.  When I make it, I’ll share the recipe.  For now, it’s hard not to crack a lot of them open and just eat them.  And our little dachshund always wants her fair share.




  1. One of my favorite pecan recipes is spiced pecans/nut. I like my spices, and my little doxie does too!!

    1. Lanie Fioretti says:

      I know we all would love it, if you’d like to share it!

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