Panama – The Final Days

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? We’re ready to come home.

We spent Sunday site seeing and taking a few more pictures. We went to a new place to eat lunch, and I had the best and biggest piece of tuna ever. Don had a fabulous seafood soup with shrimp, lobster, and fish. Now we’re taking a siesta while it pours down rain, then we may go out again, or not.

Monday I made a big breakfast with all that stuff we still had in the fridge. We got ourselves together, drove to the airport it David (pronounced dah-vid), turned the car in, and caught our flight to Panama City. I know all that sounds pretty routine, but neither one of us speaks Spanish, so it’s like being deaf a lot of the time. The English TV channels are subtitled in Spanish, so I’ve increased my Spanish vocabulary slightly, muy muy poquito! – no lie

We have to spend the night in Panama City and catch the flight home on Tuesday. The balcony of our hotel room overlooks the marina near the Panama Canal, and we just decided to walk to the marina for dinner. It’s a fitting goodbye, sitting in the dining cabana, watching the freighters, drinking a Panama beer, and having a little local fare. It’s not often you look at a menu that has Budweiser listed as an “imported” beer!

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  1. Beverly Boyd says:

    Lanie, you are such a great writer. I feel like I went to Panama myself. Your recipes are terrific, but your descriptions of the places are awesome. You should write a book.

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