Panama – Days Five and Six

Yesterday we kayaked to a beach across from the place we’re staying, and did a little shelling and exploring. There was a gorgeous freshwater stream running down the hill and into the ocean. Don got pictures, so I’ll have those for you later. The rest of the day was routine – fish for lunch; olives, cheese, and beer before dinner; for dinner, a salad with Parma ham and shaved Parmesan, pastured pork, and poached pear and homemade ice cream for dessert.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but some animal has been making a huge mess on our cabana porch every night. We’ve been blaming the iguana, but it’s actually bats! Last night they were buzzing us when we were trying to sit out there – that was kind of interesting!

We found out today that this place has been sold to someone from France, who’s going to be making some improvements. And I suppose, if we come back, the food will be French!

We arrived at our mountain destination today. The boat took us back to the mainland and we took our same taxi back to the airport, to pick up the rent car. Yes that’s right, one of my favorite things is having a rent car in a foreign country. Really the only way you can put up with me in a car outside the U.S. is either to make sure I can’t see, or give me liquor. Neither of which happened today. They drive insanely here, there was road construction, a lot of detours, and it was raining horribly. I finally settled down, we grabbed a quick meal of Panamanian food (unimpressive), and went to the grocery store. I managed to find some grass fed meat, and a few other items from Panama. Unfortunately, a lot of the food is from the U.S. and of the same quality. Tomorrow will be a better day.