Panama – Day Two

On the menu where we’re staying (Cala Mia), I noticed a lot of the items look very Italian, which I love, but I am in Panama. Then we find out that the person that owns this is Italian and has a small organic farm on the island across from this island. At the bar last night we were very privileged to have some marinated olives (Italian style with garlic, olive oil, and oregano) and her homemade cheese, very much like Parmesan. I can hardly believe our good fortune.

I realize I haven’t said very much about what Panama looks like. It is lush with gorgeous tropical vegetation. The island is quiet except for the waves and wildlife. Luckily the howler monkeys haven’t made an appearance yet. There is no TV as a distraction, and no AC to keep you separated from ocean breezes and having waves lull you to sleep.

Today was a free day for me, and Don fished for our dinner. He caught lots of mackerel, so we had fresh mackerel for lunch. The chef filleted it, removed all the gray meat (fat), and prepared it in olive oil with fennel seed and lots of black pepper. Now I’ve never been fond of mackerel, but when it’s prepared well and it’s that fresh, it’s some of the best fish you’ll ever taste.

The rest of the day was spent on a grueling hike in the rainforest, a swim in the ocean, and a swim in the pool. We’re resting before happy hour! Dinner tonight is salmon tartare, then lobster pasta. It’s a fabulous end to the day.