Panama – Day Three

When we were talking to the chef, Ricardo, yesterday about preparing the mackerel, I forgot to ask him to make some ceviche for us. He surprised me with it last evening when we were having olives and cheese at the bar. He has now become one of my favorite people! It is amazing what a little lime juice, pepper, onion, and cilantro does for fish.
Last night it stormed, but today is the prettiest day since we’ve been here. We went snorkeling, whale watching, and fishing this morning, although mostly it was just a 4 hour boat ride. The fishing was more mackerel, so they live to see another day. It was too murky to snorkel, and we saw the whales breach a few times. We did go to a secluded beach and toured around a lot of islands.
I had some great marinated fish when we got back, and tonight is grass fed beef filets. And not to forget happy hour. Oh, and one of the other guys went fishing yesterday and is going to share the catch tonight. We still aren’t sure what kind of fish it is. The locals, I think, have there own name for it.
The next time we come, we’re talking about staying on the Carribean side of Panama. The water is much different there. The trip is too long and involved from here, so we marked that off our list.

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  1. dian says:

    You are having so much fun!!!! Sounds like a great place.

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