Panama – Day One

Decided to travel to Panama, just for the food of course!  Yesterday, we realized miracles do happen, because when we were traveling through Houston, our gate that we flew from was almost next door to Cat Cora’s Kitchen.  I forgot to take food pictures, because it was so good, we just started eating.  And I wanted to take pictures of the empty plates, but was voted down.  The reason you don’t see any pictures of the restaurant is because we forgot to take the cable to download them. You may have to wait until I get back to publish them, unless there’s a second miracle and we actually figure out how to take them AND publish them with the IPad!

So back to Cat Cora’s (near E10 at Houston International), I had a Grouper Sandwich with Greek Olive and Pepper Relish and sweet potato fries. Don had a Chimichurri Chicken Sandwich with Salsa Fresca and sweet potato fries. Both were excellent. Then we were on to Panama. We landed at night, and found a great locals place to eat. We had some really good fish and clams.

Today it was on to the first of our destinations. Of course, it took a flight, a one hour drive, and a boat ride to the island, but it’s magnificent. The huts are gorgeous and it’s pretty secluded. We had octopus salad and a fresh tuna pasta for lunch. I found a Panamanian cookbook to absorb, and happy hour is pretty soon. All the food is local. Meats and cheese are from grass fed beef. In fact all the meats, dairy, etc. are grass fed or pastured. Life is very good. We are sticking to local alcohol also – cerveza and rum.

So in case you want to do this part of the trip, go to Cala Mia.