Owl Creek Ceramics 2014


It’s that time of year again.  John and Dyna are having their annual sale in their ceramics studio.  The Owl Creek sale is Saturday, November 22, starting at 9 am.  Hope to see you there (actually, I hope I get there before you)!  Click here, for directions.

They’ve got lots of new items,  and if you don’t already own several pieces, it’s time for you to select a few, before Dyna’s work becomes so popular that we won’t even be able to get near the studio.  Don’t forget all those special gifts for the holidays.  And they still have Baskets from Africa also.  In case you missed the HGTV Magazine spread picturing their gorgeous work, here’s a close-up.



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  1. Glenda Dwyer says:

    I had to laugh when I thought what I would have to put in the cookie jar – it would be Oreo’s…unless my granddaughter was here to help with the baking. Her things are beautiful. Glenda

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