Onion Rings and Other Things

Thought for the week:

You do not grow old, you become old by not growing.

–excerpt from The Art of Living

On Friday I was fortunate enough to be at Dot’s when her friend, Mary Maddox came over to show Dot the quilt she made that took first place at the Heart of Texas Fair this year.  I thought you might like to see it too.

The amount of work it took, was incredible.  If I get a chance to see some of her other quilts, I’ll post pictures for you.

On to food!

I can’t imagine what you would have to do to make these onion rings not crispy!  Although I’m not a huge fan of making fried food at home, these are worth it if you’re an onion ring fanatic.  I heated them up 2 days after I made them and they were just the same as just fried.

Onion Rings

Once again it involves “The Chew” (ABC’s noontime cooking show).  Paula Hall did this recipe the other day.  I’ve seen the same recipe only using beer instead of club soda.  Make sure you get good sweet onions, and I added Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning to the batter.

For the recipe, click here.

For the video, click here.