Oh Canada

Finally, we got the pictures ready.  There are some in the towns and some on the train. We started our trip in Calgary, and boarded the train in Banff.  The train journey ended in  Vancouver.  I’ll post pictures of Butchart Gardens separately.

Here are some of the views on and from the train.

Rocky Mountianeer Train 3

Rocky Mountianeer Coach With View

Rocky Mountianeer Train 1

Rocky Mountianeer Train Lake View

Rocky Mountianeer Train 2
Osprey Nest with Babies

Rocky Mountianeer Train View 3

Rocky Mountianeer Train View 2

Rocky Mountianeer Train View 1

Rocky Mountianeer Eagle 2

Rocky Mountianeer Eagle 1We had some of the best food on the train.  Below is just a sampling.  Hands down the best eggs benedict ever (crab cake topped with smoked salmon, then egg and sauce).

Crab Cake Smoked Salmon Benedict
Crab Cake Smoked Salmon Benedict


Rocky Mountianeer Train Barley Risotto Lunch
Barley Risotto
Rocky Mountianeer Train Tuna Lunch
Seared Tuna

I know I posted a couple pictures from Lake Louise, but these are Don’s and they show just how gorgeous it was.

Lake Louise Trail View

Lake Louise Fairmont View
View of Lake Louise From Our Room

Lake Louise Trail View 2Lake Louise Fairmont Grounds

Victoria Beach
Victoria 1
Victoria 2


  1. Beverly Boyd says:

    The pictures are so beautiful. You and Don really know how to vacation….

  2. dian guthrie says:

    The photos are breath taking…Don’s Lake Louise photo is stunning!!! I know you loved it.

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