November (2013) at the Lodge

It’s deer season, and that means I’m cooking at the lodge again.  I’ve been working on menus for a while, so they are getting a bit more streamlined.  There are a couple new items this fall, and some appetizers with a bit more flair, for now anyway! I did make the baked pancake one morning, and it was a big hit. There was some leftover beef filet last night, so it looks like steak and eggs for breakfast.

Back on my home front, the freeze made me think about what need to be used in our garden. First is the enormous amount of basil we have. A lot is cut and sitting in vases in the house, some leaves I froze in a single layer, and stored in bags in the freezer. In addition, my brother made a large amount of awesome pesto. Other than the basil, we had lots of small green tomatoes, so I made green tomato salad, and green tomato casserole. I guess it’s time to say goodbye to the summer veggies. I’m not sure my little seedlings of greens will survive the freeze, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.