New Menu at Megg’s Cafe

On a recent trip to Temple, we stopped at Megg’s to have lunch.  You guys know it’s one of my favorite places, and I haven’t had a chance to try their new menu.

We shared a couple appetizers – pork belly sliders, and wagyu meatballs on creamy polenta.  They were both “to die for” good.  I am looking forward to ordering pork belly sliders for lunch the next time I go, so I don’t have to share them!

For lunch we had – house made pastrami reuben, pork torta, country burger, and shrimp and grits.  They were all exceptional.  I had the country burger, and it was delicious.

Just a word about desserts – skip them.  We were all disappointed, especially because their food is so awesome.

Hamilton Bakery, which is part of Megg’s, is very good.  We brought home 2 loaves of bread for dinner.