Must Have Chocolate

I am not a chocolate lover, but I do appreciate good chocolate.   When I’m having company, and I don’t have time to make dessert, chocolate is always a sure thing.  And if you’ve had a big meal, a little bite is all you need.  Fix a tray with a couple of different selections.  Add fruit and nuts if you like.

Central Market has a great selection of chocolate, and there are a couple of selections I have to have, whenever I’m shopping there.  One of the things I find irresistible are Marich’s Natural Chocolate Espresso Beans.  But I will say this, Trader Joes’s has their brand that’s also good.  They are not in cute little packages like Marich’s are, so losing control is easier.

My new temptation is Central Market Organic Chocolate with almonds and Himalayan sea salt.  I just discovered the HEB on Wooded Acres carries Central Market organic chocolates.  That could definitely be trouble!

For a local company with really excellent chocolate, try Wiseman House in Hico.  It’s fun to go there because they have great gifts too, but if you can’t make it, they do mail order.