Multivitamin Use

Happy New Year, here’s looking at you!  Thanks for cooking with me.  We’ll have more kitchen fun in 2012.

There’s been such a controversy about multivitamin use.  The newsletter from Harvard School of Public Health has some information worth reading.  One of the points the newsletter makes is that we don’t always eat the healthiest of diets.  Something I’d like to add is even if you do have a really healthy diet, what you eat may not have the nutrients it may have had a number of years ago, when soil wasn’t as depleted as it is now.  With the concentration on quantity food production instead of quality food production, and ever increasing GMOs (genetically modified), we just don’t know the long term implications.  Click here, for the newsletter.

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  1. Nancy Lee says:

    Good article. Laughter is also a good medicine and I can’t look at this picture of Dixie without cracking up !

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