Mike and Stacy’s Mercantile in Oglesby

If you’re looking for a really great burger and an old time grocery store experience, then get in your car and head to Mike and Stacy’s Mercantile in Oglesby.  And if you feel like you can’t take the time to run and get a burger because you have so much laundry to do, well, bring it with you.  They have a self serve laundry in back.  But back to the burgers – an amazing, handmade, nearly 1/2 pound burger for under $5.  While you’re enjoying the burger, make sure you look around at all the memorabilia.  Oh, and don’t forget to have a piece of homemade pie.

You’ll find this burger haven in an old grocery store next to the fire station on main street in Oglesby.  The owners up-cycled materials from the old store into a unique and special gathering place.   The retired guys have breakfast before their domino game.  High school kids get to hang out after school. Everyone is welcome.  They even make a point to employ high school kids.  It isn’t often that you can experience a place like this, with the unselfish mission to help revitalize their city!

Mike and Stacy's Mercantile in Oglesby

Burger Basket - Mike and Stacy's Mercantile in Oglesby