Mi Gran Vida En Laredo

This spring was a particularly gorgeous time in Laredo.  Everything was green, and lots of things were blooming, including the cacti.  I was fortunate to be able to spend time on my friend’s ranch again, and I could stay out in the country the whole time, but of course, there was shopping and eating out that had to be done.

A bright ball of bougainvillea greeted us as we drove up to the ranch.  It really looked like someone had hung plastic flowers in the window.


Bougainvillea 2

Lunch at La Posada is a must.  The food is always fabulous, and you’re right at the border crossing on the Rio Grande.  A view from poolside, helps you feel like you’ve arrived in another country.

La Posada

This time we took long morning walks on the ranch, lots of (sometimes adrenaline-rushing) jeep rides, and even a wagon ride one afternoon.


One of the places we wandered around was the old homestead.  There is a huge stand of aloe behind it, that’s been thriving and multiplying for years.  It had just finished blooming, and I’m sure it was spectacular.

Old Home


It was fun to see baby bison on one of our rides.  The male and females were very protective of it.  It took me a little while to get these photos.

Buffalo Mom and Calf

Buffalo calf

And last, but always one of my favorites – blooming cactus.  Actually this one was closing it’s blooms for the night.

Blooming Cactus




  1. Nancy Hodges says:

    Great pictures of South Texas in the spring, enjoyed looking at every one of them.

  2. Beverly Boyd says:

    I love the baby buffalo. Do they turn dark as they age? Love the pictures. I also think you look great in a hat.

    1. Lanie Fioretti says:

      Yes, they do turn dark.

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