May at Jack Allen’s Kitchen

The day started with a plan to hike to Gorman Falls in Colorado Bend, but the rain made us put plan B into motion.  Of course, plan B involved a shopping trip to the Round Rock area with an essential lunch at Jack Allen’s Kitchen.

Although I was tempted by the shrimp and grits lunch special, I ordered Grilled Ruby Trout with sundried tomato and walnut pesto, apple-pecan relish, veggie studded rice, and wilted spinach.  I made a special trip back out to the car to get my camera, but you won’t see a picture.  Somehow when my food arrives, I get so excited, I forget all about the picture!  Anyway, it was scrumptious.  I’m still making my way through the menu, and I haven’t had anything yet that I wouldn’t order again.  I also ordered the Pecan Porter on tap – now there’s a ” must have.”  We decided we have to make plans to go to Jack Allen’s for Sunday brunch.  I’m glad we talked to the wait person about it, because we need to make reservations.

Next week we’re going to Gorman Falls.  It’ll be a bit hotter, but the falls should magnificent because of all the rains we’ve had.  And we’ll get to checkout the swimming conditions at the creek, on our way there.