Looking For Water

This hasn’t been the best year for fun at the creek, but with the last several rains, we decided to give it a shot.  Wednesday, we had a successful trip to a stretch of the Cowhouse  that was really nice, and gorgeous.  Saturday, we decided to try a creek, just south of Copperas Cove – me, Nina, and 4 dogs.  Our story was that it was really ” for the dogs.”  The creek was beautiful, and we tried, but we just couldn’t get to it.   That did not prevent the dogs from enjoying a very large mud puddle.  I was so proud that my dog did not get involved in that mess.  Luckily, Nina’s dogs are tall enough that only their legs were caked with mud.  Right before we were ready to get in the car, my little dachshund decided the mud puddle looked pretty darn good.  She looked like she was having a “spa” day, and was at least 50% covered with mud.  With no where to rinse her off, I wrapped her in a towel, we got in the car, and headed north to a couple other spots to try.  We finally ended up at our old swimming hole, and thank goodness the water was good enough to get into!

Gin Hole

The water was actually plenty high, it was just not flowing.  I’ve been so surprised that Dixie, my dachshund, has decided she’s going to swim without her life vest, and she’s doing really well.  She can kind of keep up with the big dogs, a little.