Little Mexico

Since before Christmas, I’ve been waiting to pick up the half hog that we got from Epps Farm.  Finally, Monday it was ready, so a couple of my friends and I packed up, and went to Big Creek Butcher Shop in Marlin to pick it up.  Don and I had already decided not to try to roast an entire half, but instead had it cut up into chops, bacon, etc.  I’m pretty happy that I don’t have to shop for pork for a while.

No sense in making a trip to Marlin, and do nothing else.   So, we went through Temple on the way there.  We did just a little shopping, then ate at Monterey’s Little Mexico.  I’ve eaten there before, but Monday I had the best meal.  First of all, they serve a really good cilantro cream sauce, in addition to salsa, with the chips they bring to the table. And this time, I decided on the Mexicana Burger for an entree.  Hands down, it was one of the best burgers I’ve had.  It had chipotle barbecue sauce, pico, and jack cheese on it – just scrumptious.  Izzy had Tacos al Pastor, and they were delicious too, but that picture didn’t turn out.

Mexicana Burger