Laredo Looking Back

After I finished cooking at the lodge on Feb. 22nd, I had a plan to fly to Laredo, and spend the week there – American Airlines had a different plan that ended in me driving to Laredo on Monday morning.  It’s not the first time I’ve been stranded by American Airlines “doing what they do best.”  My main disappointment was that I didn’t drive to Laredo on Sunday when I finished cooking breakfast, instead of torturing myself for 5 hours trying to fly from Waco to Laredo.

Even though the weather was not fabulous in Laredo, it was better than here!  It certainly did not deter us from eating at some great restaurants and shopping on San Bernardo St. And there were some pretty hilarious games of Clue – a blast from MY past, and maybe yours!  Oh, and I wasn’t taking a vacation from posting – there was no reception on the ranch where we stayed.

We ate at The Tack Room one night (part of La Posada hotel), and it was scrumptious. They had one of the most upscale salad bars that I’ve seen.  The menu was small but had good seafood and steaks.  We had equally delicious lunches at the hotel’s grill, Zaragoza.  The angus hamburgers are one of their stars, but the mahi mahi and the seafood enchiladas are worth going back for.

Shrimp Scampi
Salad Bar 2
The Tack Room Salad Bar

Steak and Potato