Kerrville Cultural Center, Dining, and More

What a great weekend to go to Kerrville.  We drove Route 16 most of the way there, and just south of San Saba continuing almost to Fredericksburg was an unbelievable show of wildflowers.  Yellow and orange as far as you could see through the fields and up the hills as if someone laid a blanket over the whole area.  It was as beautiful a drive as I can remember.

The Southwest Gourd Fine Art Show was going on at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center, plus the last couple days of Texas Botanicals. The gourds were amazing.


We decided to go in Gibson’s General Store after the cultural center. It was kind of a dangerous place for us, because they had so much “stuff” we like. It took both of us to carry our finds out to the car. We did a little research on predator urine while we were there. I know I haven’t mentioned this project, but we have to keep the deer from demolishing everything. We were assured that “mountain lion” pee is the way to go, however they were sold out. And of course, if we surround the house with lion pee, chances are good we won’t be able to stand being in the yard.  I haven’t come up with a solution for that yet.

We had dinner at The River’s Edge Tuscan Grille. What a great place. It’s a small, intimate restaurant with live music, right on the Guadalupe River. We had a fabulous meal while we watched the sunset and relaxed to the sound of harp strings.