July Health News

There are some great articles out this month.  Although there is some overlap between information from the different sources, for me it shows how critical it’s becoming, and how much more informed people want to be.  It’s impossible to ignore what will eventually make us sick and debilitated.

In Eating Well Magazine there’s a piece about 10 Essential Nutrition Lessons – genes and diet, good fats, calories, food sensitivities, vitamin D, dietary cholesterol, BPA, how we get nutrients,  sugar, weight loss.  For the entire article, click here.

Mother Earth News has more in depth information on fats in our diets and the healthiest ones for us to get and why.  I was glad to see it ties in with omega 3.  For this entire article, click here.

Another article in Mother Earth News was about antibiotics in meat and why it’s so important to avoid them.  Click here for the full article.

Real Age has great information on 4 major “food pollutants,”  and how to stretch your dollar a bit when buying organic.  Click here for their article.

Here’s to your health, happy shopping, cooking, and eating!