Invite Some Insects and Discourage Others

Orange Peel Apple Core

Although the picture might look like garbage, don’t throw it away!  We’re eating a lot of oranges this winter, and while I was putting loads of peels in the compost, I remembered that insects don’t like orange oil.  Now I’m scattering all the peels around the green leafy veggies in the greenhouse, and am having pretty good success.  There are still a few moths in the greenhouse, but not as many as last year.

In the summer when you want to attract bees to pollinate your vegetable blooms, use apple cores and/or peels.  Instead of composting them, place them near the blooms.  Bees love them.

I have a friend who is saving all their egg shells – washing them, then crushing them. She’s going to use them to discourage cutworms.  It should be pretty effective, and cheaper than diatomaceous earth, to accomplish the same thing!