Hopdoddy Burger Bar Austin and KWTX Interview

Before I talk about my most recent trip to Austin, I want to mention my interview at Channel 10 in Waco.  Taina Maya invited me to do a segment on “Moms Everyday,” and talk a little about this website, and do an abbreviated cooking demonstration about appetizers.  I didn’t realize that the day we taped, it would also air.  I would’ve loved for my brain and my mouth to be more coordinated, but it is, what it is!  If you want to see the interview, click here.  If you want to see the appetizer segment, click here.  If you watch the appetizer segment, and you want to know how get the ham to stick to the pickled okra, I used a little cream cheese everywhere that it wanted to come apart.  Cream cheese is really the duct tape of the cooking world.

On Sunday, I went on a shopping trip to Austin, with a friend.  I had explicit instructions to find myself a Christmas present, which I was really pretty excited about.  I had money, and I’m familiar with how to use it.  Believe me, I tried, but I couldn’t find anything that fascinated me even slightly, and we went in all kinds of stores.  For those of you that have been shopping with me, shut your mouths!

So, on to the food section of the trip.  We stopped at the Farmer’s Market off of Great Hills Trails, and I got some beautiful cabbage and gold beets.  Then we went to Hopdoddy for lunch.  I had not been there before, and it was delicious.  We went to the one on Anderson Lane, which I understand is much easier to get into.  The South Congress location typically has a line out the door, and I can see why.  The burgers are fabulous, and you can get grass- fed beef.  I opted for the tuna burger this time, and it was amazing.