Hoop House Greenhouse

The aluminum framework for the greenhouse was salvaged from a friend’s house.  After reconstructing it on our property, Don was not looking forward to the work it would take to finish the greenhouse with corrugated panels, so we were at an impasse. Finally, I proposed PVC pipe additions, and large plastic covering to finish it as a giant hoop house, and voila, we were back in business.  We ordered the plastic from Agriculture Solutions.

Creating a hoop house was the easiest, most economical, and quickest way for us to start vegetable production.  Don completed the hoop house modification in a day, we just need an opening in the plastic for the doorway – a minor obstacle.

Greenhouse PVCGreenhouse Plastic

We decided not to get too high-tech, and simply get the plastic big enough to reach the ground.  Then we just weighted it down.  I’m hoping to get vegetables planted this weekend.  I’m pretty excited about the possibilities this year.