Hard Boiled Eggs

Most of the grocery stores haven’t published their ads yet, so let’s talk about eggs!

Sometimes, peeling hard boiled eggs makes me crazy.  It takes too much time, and they are usually ugly, when I get done with them, with half the white torn apart.  I’ve tried all the tricks – lots of salt in the water; boil them so long, then cover, then ice bath; Ina Garten’s instructions – none of them work well, consistently.  Part of the problem, for me, is that I’m typically using pretty fresh eggs.  So, I decided to try the steaming method, and it’s a wonderful thing.  The shells just fall away, when you peel the eggs, and there’s a lot less swearing.

Hard Boiled Eggs


  • Eggs


  1. Place eggs in a steamer basket over a pan of boiling water. Cover, and steam for 25 minutes.
  2. Remove eggs and place them in an ice bath.
  3. Cool and peel.