Growing Italian Green Beans

Italian Green Beans

I’m making my case for growing the long Italian green beans!  For some reason regular types of green beans don’t like our soil, and just don’t produce well. We easily get at least 8-10 times more beans with the Italian. So here’s why I think they’re a better choice for this area:

  • Tolerate drought conditions very well and will grow all summer
  • Take up less space than regular green beans
  • Require fewer plants, and are much more productive
  • Don’t have to bend over much to pick them (they’re trellised)
  • No strings and delicious. Even when they get large, they’re tender.

Seeds From Italy is the best place to find them, click here.  There’s a lot of seeds in a packet, you can share them with several friends.  You only need to buy them once, because you can save the seeds and plant them the next year.