Growing Greens This Winter


I’m surprised there’s some nice fall color this year, and I might as well enjoy it, since not much is going on in the garden.  Although, I noticed the nasturtiums I planted in an oblong pot outside my back door are coming up.  I’m looking forward to the color as winter progresses, and the spicy bite of the blooms in my salads.

The grasshoppers are wearing me down this year.  I was feeling very confident this morning, and went outside to plant greens (again).  I was filling water containers, and saw a huge grasshopper.  Now, I’d love to borrow my neighbors chickens so I could eliminate the grasshopper population altogether, but our dachshund thinks birds are dinner.  And of course, chickens eat greens too.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another!  So, I’m starting plan B.  I planted a few greens and covered them with fine netting, and I’m starting my sprout crop in the house, because I’m pretty sure that I’m the only thing that will be eating the sprouts.

I went to gather eggs at my neighbors this morning, and after 4 days of finding no eggs where they normally lay, I learned where the new preferred laying area is.  There were a lot of eggs there, and some should stll be good (she said confidently).  And the best news is, hopefully I’ll be getting eggs everyday again.  I’m sure I would be a lot smarter about this stuff, if I had been raised in the country, or at least near it.